Continuous Improvement Covering all Aspects of Your Provison:

Leadership and Management
Strategic and Business Planning
Target-Setting and Monitoring Performance
Management Information Systems
Human Resources Management
Managing Sub-Contractors
Managing Resources
Equality and Diversity
Widening Participation
Quality Assurance Strategy and Systems
Quality Improvement: The Key Factors
Self-Assessment: Process, Product, Practice
Development Action Planning
Drivers for Continuous Improvement
Collecting and Using Feedback Effectively
Assesssment and Verification Practices
We now provide consultancy support for Local Authorities and/or individual Children’s Centres to help them to improve ‘Access to Services’ the ‘Quality and Impact of Practice & Services’ and ‘Effectiveness of Leadership, Governance and Management’.
ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHY ON THIS SITE Photographs show delegates during typical workshops run by Cornerstone, also delegates receiving certificates during
a presentation by Sir George Sweeney, Principal, Knowsley Community College, following a series of workshops run on behalf of Merseyside Learning & Skills Council (LSC).
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Cornerstone Consultancy Services.

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