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Full Review of Provision

A team of consultants led by Alan Comerford-Dunbar will look at leadership and management, quality improvement and equality and diversity as well as individual areas of learning. This will provide an in-depth view of your provision, thereby enabling the organisation to produce an accurate self-assessment report, development action plan and prepare for inspection. This also provides invaluable staff training opportunities in readiness for inspection.

Self-Assessment Report (SAR) & Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

Review of the SAR and DAP from an inspector’s perspective and provide the organisation with a comprehensive report suggesting improvements. Alternatively, Cornerstone can facilitate the process of writing the SAR and QIP to ensure the finished product is robust and accurate.

2. Provide staff training for the production of an accurate SAR and QIP. Facilitate staff training to familiarise them with the Common Inspection Framework, to enable the organisation to accurately identify its strengths and weaknesses.


Key Learning Processes Review

Analyse current procedures, making suggestions for improvement.

2. Workshop with all staff involved in recruitment to suggest good practice.

3. Analyse the information organisations collect about each learner and make recommendations on methods they can use in raising awareness of the learning needs of each learner.

4. Analysis of current induction processes to provide guidance on best practice and suggested improvements.

5. How to create appropriate individual learning plans (ILP) to meet the needs of the learner, using the ILP as a working document and how to use the ILP to influence an employer’s involvement.

6. How to make the learner review process meaningful and assist the learner to achieve their learning goals.

7. How to improve retention and achievement rates.

8. Improving your employer engagement to the point of being able to observe teaching and learning which takes place on-the-job.

9. How to establish closer links with other organisations to ensure that your initial advice and guidance as well as your exit guidance is effective.
Health and Safety (H&S) Reviews

Provide comprehensive H&S documentation to carry out audits/reviews in the workplace.

2. Working with staff to carry out risk assessments of all activities within training centres and the workplace.

3. To train staff on H&S legislation/procedures (in particular, those relating to risk assessment) and bringing them up-to-date with any new legislation.

Observation of Teaching and Learning

Review existing procedures and develop a systematic process for assuring the quality of teaching activities.

2. How to ensure organisational grading profiles match those grades awarded by government inspectorates.

3. Ensure that on- and off-the-job training is well planned, meets the needs of the individual and that the two are clearly linked.

4. Ensure your engagement with employers and sub-contractors is as good as it should be.