Quality Improvement Health Checks

Review of current QA strategies, policies, procedures, paperwork and practice. Advise to reflect best practice and facilitate staff training to introduce new QA arrangements.

2. Assess current internal verification documentation / procedures and make recommendations for
improvement, including staff training on best practice principles.

3. Provide a comprehensive evaluation of learner and employer perceptions of organisations.

4. Development of effective strategies to ensure success during inspection by Ofsted.

Equality and Diversity

A thorough review of equal opportunities policies, procedures and practices.

2. Staff training to introduce nationally recognised best practice.

3. Development of effective strategies to ensure success during inspection by Ofsted.

We are able to provide detailed reports that are left with you and remain your sole property. We also hold workshops to train or facilitate learning for your staff and managers on any of the following topics:

Leadership and Management
Strategic and Business Planning
Target-Setting and Monitoring Performance
Management Information Systems
Human Resource Management
Managing Sub-Contractors
Managing Resources
Equality of Opportunity Policies and Procedures
Recruitment of Learners and Widening Participation
Equality of Opportunity: Raising Awareness
Monitoring Equality of Opportunity
Quality Assurance Strategy and Systems
Quality Improvement: The Key Factors
Self-Assessment: Process, Product, Practice
Development Action Planning: A Driver for Continuous Improvement
Collecting and Using Feedback Effectively
Assessment and Internal Verification Practices
Continuous Improvement Covering all Aspects of Your Provision

And much, much more

Please note that the above is only a sample of the projects that Cornerstone can assist you with.

We are able to carry out a full review of any aspect of your provision. This could involve a review that will look and feel like a real inspection with the exception that once our consultants have made their judgements they will then make recommendations to improve the potential weaknesses they have identified.

No longer do you need to be left with the problems, we provide the solutions.