The main priority is to give delegates first class quality training that is underpinned by sensitivity and care.

Individual delegates will be given information, guidance, counselling and support as necessary.

Cornerstone will ensure that the necessary steps for securing the health, safety and welfare of all people will be taken. This will apply whether training takes place at our training centre or at the workplace of the customer.

Cornerstone will ensure that all Health & Safety guidelines are adhered to.

Being a Health & Safety training organisation all current staff and trainers are fully acquainted with current Health & Safety requirements.

As new staff join Cornerstone they will be trained as part of their induction programme.

1. Bringing Our Safety Policy To The Notice Of All Delegates

The Health & Safety Policy is displayed in all rooms used by Cornerstone. The attention of every delegate is drawn to the existence of the policy at the commencement of each induction session.

2. Providing Health & Safety Awareness On All Courses

At the commencement of each course the course tutor will ensure that all Health, Safety and Welfare issues are brought to the attention of the delegates. This applies not only to courses being conducted on premises owned by Cornerstone but also when Cornerstone carries out training on premises belonging to another organisation.

Prior to the start of training on premises belonging to any other organisation, Cornerstone will ensure that the premises are adequately covered by Health & Safety measures.

3. Written Health & Safety Guidance

Cornerstone will provide delegates and trainers with information and advice about safety in a written form whenever necessary, backed up with written guidance where necessary.

4. Ensuring Delegates Are Adequately Supervised At All Times

All delegates will be supervised whilst in a classroom environment. Cornerstone anticipates that all of its delegates will be adults, the minimum age of which will be 16 years. On those occasions when delegates are under 16 years, then Cornerstone will ensure that the delegates are supervised by a responsible adult, including during lesson breaks.

5. Investigating Accidents

Cornerstone has an Accident Book, which is used in strict accordance with Health & Safety guidelines.

The reporting of accidents, near accidents and ill health, is essential to enable the accurate assimilation of information with which to combat accidents at work, thereby improving Health & Safety.

The information enables Cornerstone and ultimately the enforcing authorities to identify where and how risks arise and to investigate accidents.

All staff fully acquaint themselves as to the contents of the RIDDOR document, which is an extract from the regulations governing accidents at work.

N.B. Our comprehensive Health & Safety Policy is available upon request.