Enhancing Personal Safety And Diffusing Aggression In The Workplace Personal Safety For Our Children

Who needs this programme?

Everyone who, in their day-to-day work, are exposed to the public and may be threatened or attacked. This course will directly address the kinds of problems increasingly encountered by all those serving the general public. Whether it is your safety and welfare or the safety and welfare of others you are concerned with, this is the programme for you. These courses are relevant to the needs of everyone:

The list is becoming increasingly endless. The obvious results of not tackling this problem could be stress, tension and perhaps physical violence for individuals. Also, increasingly, more companies face civil litigation for failing to protect their workforce and customers.

A wide variety of subjects relating to personal safety in the workplace are available and include the following:

These individual courses are generally one day, however any combination can be provided in a programme specifically designed for your needs. All courses run in accordance with the principles of best practice as per the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM).

These essential courses / talks can be tailored to your individual needs. Based on best practice identified through working closely with Ofsted, individual schools, SLT and ICM these courses broadly cover the following important areas:

and many more related topics

If you have an issue with regard to the safety of children in your care then we are able to provide advice, support and guidance through our bespoke training programme.

At Cornerstone Consultancy Services all personal safety training is delivered by approved Suzy Lamplugh consultants, who are committed to achieving excellence in training throughout Europe.

“I organise training for voluntary and community sector organisations to meet their identified training needs, including Health and Safety and First Aid training which I buy in from specialist organisations. I have always found the services provided by Cornerstone to be exceptionally high. The administration for the courses is quick and efficient, and the course costings are very competitive. From my own observations of the training delivery, I can confirm that the standard adopted by the trainers is highly professional, and is flexible enough to meet the needs of the learners. All learners who have attended training so far have achieved accreditation”
Lynn Smith Training Officer with St Helens CVS