Cornerstone was formed in 1999, both of its directors are experienced managers within the training world. Both are fully aware of the need to maintain sound administrative and quality assurance systems.

The company maintains a firm control of quality assurance issues, especially when using sub-contracted trainers and consultants. Regular reviews of the standard of their work are carried out.

Cornerstone will only exist and continue to grow if it provides a quality service. The directors, therefore, carry out a comprehensive review of all company practices at least twice a year.

“The way the consultants managed the programme proved very important for its effectiveness for participants. They presented a firmly structured programme, but maintained flexibility within it. This group of VCL providers was obviously gaining distinctive benefit from maintaining a strong strand of discussion, so they encompassed this in the programme’s structure. Participants sometimes said that they would appreciate further guidance on some aspect of the programme and on our next attendance relevant materials were presented to the group”
Susan Hanley-Place MBE, Chief Executive, Mersey Heritage

All trainers and consultants are systematically observed and receive constructive feedback on their performance in order to maintain the high standards that the directors expect of their staff.